Dance Tips



It’s simple; know your fundamentals inside out! Practice the basics until they are danced without any thought. Be open to all feedback from teachers and fellow students because their advice is always a useful tool for improvement. Make sure you attend every class and practice new basics/turn patterns to dance them better by next class.


Get used to the beat! Familiarising yourself with rhythm and lyrics will help you develop your dance by feeling its soul, not just doing the moves. As a dancer you must anticipate the beat slightly. Your intention is to make the beat with your body as well as hearing it. To do this finding rhythm is a matter of paying attention. Generally the beat is carried by the drum so take some time to listen to a variety of different songs with different tempos.


Private tuition is far more superior to group classes! Remember the teacher must provide as much equal attention to all students during a class, therefore it is more difficult to cover everyone’s mistakes during this period. Private lessons allow a student to have 100% full attention by the teacher; analysing and improving the students dance technique and overall appearance on the dance floor. Talk to your instructor about booking a private lesson!


Attention dancers! Do yourself a favour a practice what you’ve just learnt. No dancer is perfect, and there is always room for improvement. Good dancers practice their dancing not only in the studio, but at home, at work, in the kitchen and in their mind! If you come across a problem, don’t wait until the next class to improve it, make an effort to solve any problems immediately.


Go out social dancing! Who cares if people are watching you! If you’re feeling unsure about yourself, remember having someone else’s attention whilst you dance may motivate you to practice more?

*Important* be sure to watch dance clips on YouTube as a means of self education and to keep yourself motivated. Have fun guys.